How long does it usually take to finish a piece?

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the size and complexity of the project. A 6x6 inch piece, for instance, takes me anywhere from 1 to 7 hours.


Did you go to art school?

No, I majored in journalism and political science at Indiana University. I have no formal art training but I do hope to take some workshops with artists I admire in 2023.


What influences and inspires you?

The work of other painters inspires me a lot, but in day-to-day life, I am especially inspired by observing all the interesting ways in which light falls and interacts with the world.


How did you find your art style?

The only answer to that is practice. It became more and more refined and identifiable with more and more time spent painting.


How did you get into art?

I always enjoyed drawing, but I started painting in March of 2020 when I was laid off due to the pandemic and needed a hobby to fill the time.


What mediums do you work with?

I almost always work with oil paint for the vibrance, texture, and blendability, but recently I've been enjoying playing with gouache.


How did you learn to paint?

Practice, random Youtube videos on subjects that I needed help with, wetcanvas.com forums, and books on painting.


What paper do you use for your prints?

My prints are giclee printed on environmentally-friendly Hahnemuhle bamboo paper, which is made from 90% bamboo fiber and 10% cotton. The paper has a matte finish with a very subtle watercolor texture. With proper care, the prints can last over 100 years. Bamboo requires minimal maintenance, grows quickly, and doesn’t require pesticides. Its rate of growth allows for greater cellulose production on the same cropland than with other materials. Bamboo also requires less water, helping to preserve valuable resources and protect the environment.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, with the exception of COVID-related shipping restrictions that occasionally pop up for certain countries. Please be aware of any such restrictions in your country before ordering.


Why is my print order coming from Germany or England when you live in Chicago?

My printers are based in Germany and England to best accommodate orders from customers all over the world. For this reason, if you order both a print and an original, they will ship separately.


Do you sign your work?

I stamp original paintings with my personal stamp. As far as signing prints, I do not sign online orders because they are printed and shipped out directly from my printer's studios. However, if you ever see me at an art fair in Chicago, I am happy to sign your print upon request.


How long does shipping take?

Delivery times vary depending on whether you ordered a print or an original. Typically, print orders are dispatched within 2-5 business days of ordering. Prints usually arrive within two weeks in the US and within a week in Europe.

Original painting dispatch and shipping times vary depending on how recently it was completed (i.e. whether or not it needs time to dry/varnish) and where you're located. Drying can take up to three weeks. I try to go to the post office twice a week and always go at least once. You will receive tracking information when I ship out your order with a better delivery time estimate, but in the US, orders are usually delivered within 4 business days of dispatch. International orders vary more but usually arrive within two weeks of dispatch. I am a one-woman team so please be patient with shipping and handling times!


How are original paintings shipped?

All domestic orders of original paintings are shipped via USPS. They are wrapped in acid-free glassine paper and then wrapped in 2-3 layers of bubble wrap, then packaged in either a bubble wrap mailer or a box depending on size.

International orders of original works are mailed either with USPS or UPS, depending on the cost of the painting, location, and covid-related shipping bans (sometimes depending on location and cost of goods USPS doesn't offer shipping options).


Will I be charged customs/duty fees and import taxes?

There is always a possibility on original painting orders, so please know the rules in your country. Customers are responsible for any customs/duty fees and taxes. Please remember to check your email and track your package so that there are no issues with failed deliveries/unpaid customs fees--it's never fun to see a package I shipped out weeks ago back on my porch* with a bunch of "failed delivery" stickers! If a package is returned to me due to the customer not paying the fees or taxes, the customer is responsible for shipping costs to ship again (and any fees/taxes incurred on the second attempt). Please inform yourself on potential costs in your country and be prepared to pay them immediately so that you don't have to pay for shipping twice, and so I don't have to pack and ship out your order twice.

*Shipping costs will not be refunded in these circumstances.


Print orders to the UK and EU will not typically be charged with customs or duty fees, and most print orders outside the UK and EU are under the cost threshold and will not be charged customs or duty fees. However, if you ordered a lot of prints outside of the UK and EU, please note that you may be charged fees. To my knowledge, this has only happened with orders of 10+ prints.


Do you accept returns?

I do not accept returns. However, if something is damaged in transit, please let me know and I will do my best to make it right. Please be certain about your print orders; because I pay to have each one printed to order, I really can't offer refunds on them. That being said, please email me if there are any issues with your prints. 


I messed up filling out my address information when ordering prints! What should I do?

Please make sure all your shipping information is correct because I can't guarantee that I can fix errors before your order is printed and dispatched. I will do my best to rectify issues and am often able to solve this, but providing an accurate and up-to-date shipping address is the responsibility of the customer.


Is my order missing/lost in the mail?

If your order's tracking hasn't been updated for 22 days, please contact me.


What happens if my purchase gets lost in the mail?

All orders of original paintings are insured. If your package is lost through USPS, please email me and I will request a search. If nothing comes up with the search, I will file an insurance claim. If you're located outside of the US and your local mail system loses the painting, or if it seems to have been stolen, please reach out to me for next steps.